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This Thing Called “Blog”

Posted by Kimberly on April 9, 2007

I keep hearing that I should start a blog for my website?  For a while now I’ve fought it; thinking, “What’s the big deal?”  Especially when your business is ribbon.

Then, in an eBay Stores forum discussion about MySpace, a user made a comment that really got my attention: [paraphrased] “You’ve either got to keep up, or die with those who won’t.”  That one simple statement really got my attention.

My first step was to step up a MySpace account. Wow, easy but, boy, did I feel old mixed among all the teenagers with their phrases such as “Pimp Me” and “Whore Me.”   In my day (and I won’t specify which decade that falls into), you didn’t want to be called a “pimp” or “whore;” apparently now, though, it is cool.  I’m just not ready to be that cool!

While I have managed to meet up with old friends at MySpace, will keep visiting my small piece of the web there, and keep things updated, I decided that it was time I found a location where I was little more among my peers.  And that is how I landed here, at WordPress, with my Spool of Thought.


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