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The Old & New of a Colorful Spring

Posted by Kimberly on April 11, 2007

M2MG Theme Freshly Picked Korker Ribbon BowIsn’t spring just beautiful?  The green lawns are waking from their frozen, brown-filled winters.  The rainbow colored flower beds are starting to show the first signs of regeneration.  Color is everywhere!

One of my favorite things about spring is seeing the Bradford Pear trees bloom.  The subdivision in which I live is full of them.  Unfortunately, being that the Bradford Pear is not a long lasting tree (average of 15 years), many of them are disappearing.   Being that my home sits on a corner lot, I, of course, had more of these trees that most other lots in the same subdivision.   I’ve lived here since April of 1994 and one of my first indications that my winter hibernation should end was seeing the first blooms on the nine Bradford Pear trees in my front and side yard.

Yet with the pros always comes the cons.  Every year when April showers (and thunderstorms) work to bring those May flowers,  our trees, now considered to be senior citizens in their world, would lose several of it’s long, reaching limbs; leaving large, gaping holes.  And that was with any luck; often times, we would lose over half or the entire tree to strong, breath-taking winds.   Generally we could find these misplaced branches and leaves either blocking our neighborhood street, laying against the house, or, as in one occasion, sitting atop an automobile parked in the driveway.

So, this year we made the decision to put these poor trees out of the misery and fear of the winds that are sure to come soon.   After a couple of days worth of tree surgery, our view of the world beyond our lot was clearly opened with a barren yard.  Soon we will replace these bittersweet trees with the more popular Maples mixed with a couple of Weeping Willows and Magnolias.

Even though I’m glad that the days of fearing a tree crashing into my home, leaving a large, open hole in the roof, I’m sad that I won’t have that refreshing feeling of seeing the Bradford Pears bloom without craning my neck to a neighbor’s who has yet to rid themselves of their home’s orginal landscaping.

Yet, along with giving other trees a chance of living in my yard, I intend to take the time now to seek out a special spot for that beautiful flower garden that I’ve always dreamed of having.  The one that surrounds a soft-sounding, steady-flowing rock fountain.   And, maybe with some real acreage now I’ll be able to find a little piece of earth to create my vegetable garden; something I haven’t done in many years.

While I’ll always miss the trees blooming, maybe I can fill my world with many wonderful colors of flowers and fresh vegetables.  Maybe, just maybe, a bit of change will do me a bit of good.

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