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The 80s Are Back And Along Comes the Tutu

Posted by Kimberly on October 19, 2007

Kella Bellas Tutus available at The Ribbon Shoppe!Being a 30-something mom (actually, 29 and holding) of three boys, I don’t have much occasion to keep up with the recent girly girl styles.  Yet, operating a ribbon business, these latest fads do eventually fall into my lap.

Enter the not-so-new, yet increasingly popular, tutu.  In my (hmm, clearing throat) 29 years, I’ve seen many tutus come and go; usually on young ballerinas skipping off to dance class or Halloween fairies at my doorstep threatening to cast spells if I don’t dish out the goodies.

Maybe I’m a bit (okay, a lot) out of touch, but I was rather amused to find that there is an ever increasing demand for tutus.  You have your dress up tutus, the practice tutus, the show tutus; and the list goes on and on.  And, if that alone doesn’t confuse you, each class of tutus offers a breakdown of styles within (but I won’t even overload you with that information).

Suddenly as a ribbon retailer, I find myself researching this girly girl fashion.   From site to site I traveled, viewing products and studying the how-to’s of this nifty craft.  All of a sudden I had an awakening….I realized that there was something to this whole tutu craze!

As we all know, fashion, just as the economy, goes in cycles.  Just look around and you can see teens and young adults (and, for the most part, even the GenX’ers)  everywhere wearing flared bottomed jeans that are very reminiscent of the 70’s bellbottoms.

This fall, however, brand names such as Gap and Old Navy are advertising their versions of the slim leg jeans which reintroduces  80’s fashion to those of us who thought our favorite sense of style was forever lost.

And what screams more 80’s than Madonna or Cyndi LauperTutus!  Bear with me, if you will, as I explain….

Picture it, if you can (old enough, that is), Cyndi Lauper in her fluffy, raggedy skirts, energetically dancing on stage while her permed-induced ringlets bounced admist her lace hairbow, belting out the lyrics to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Then, roll your thoughts over to Madonna, with her trademark haircolor-of-the-month and controversial videos; and what did we find admist all this…fluffy, bouncy tutus.

I’m sure there were even more than those two who sported those thigh-fat hiders in a multitude of colors and lengths; unfortunately, my mind, having lived a decade and a half since, just can’t recall any names.

So I’m sure that it’s no coincidence that, as 80’s fashion returns to the store shelves and sported on youthful bodies all across America, that the tutu becomes even more fashionable as attire versus just for dance class or playing dress-up.

Despite the coolness of the tutu, I think I’ll leave that for the little folk.  In the meantime, I’m going to see if I can dig out my hightop Reeboks with the neon laces and my blue jean jacket covered in silly buttons reading slogans such as “Where’s the Beef?”

Yeah, I’m cool.  Anyone else care to join me? 🙂


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