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Girly Things: All In One Resource for How to Make Hairbows & More

Posted by Kimberly on October 29, 2007

gtscreen1.GIFThe first line of the home page says it all: “Why pay for what should be free?”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to sell their know how (as long as it is THEIR know how and not copied directly from sites like this!); but, let’s face it, in the Internet age, some things just are not going to be marketable because there are plenty of folks out there willing to share the information for free.

That is exactly what is available at Girly Things: Making Ribbons & Bows & Other Pretties. Visitors to this site will find more than 20 hair accessory ideas and detailed instructions on how to make them. The best part…they are complete with photographs!

The creator of this site doesn’t stop with just bow instructions. She also offers a complete listing of other crafts such as the Bow Board, Pacifier Clips, Ribbon Roses, Tutus and so much more!

And just when you’re thinking there isn’t possibly one more thing that could be added to make this site a one stop resource….surprise! There is also instructions on starting your own website for selling your hair bows and other crafts!

I absolutely love this site! This is a well organized place for bow beginners. Go ahead, check it out! I bet you have it bookmarked before you leave! 🙂


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