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Introducing a New Category: The Cheer Corner

Posted by Kimberly on November 5, 2007

In the course of operating a ribbon business, I’ve come across so many cheerleading coaches and cheer squad members.   Being a former cheerleading coach, I have really enjoyed meeting coaches and cheerleaders from around the world.

What I have most often found, however, is that the majority of my email communications are with first time cheer coaches.    These wonderful women (sorry to the guys, but I haven’t meet any male cheer coaches yet!) have volunteered to coach their daughters’ or nieces’ cheer squads; or maybe they’re just doing it because the program or school was shorthanded.  Either way, they need help!

I also meet up with a lot of cheerleaders just looking for information, many of the ones I converse with are looking to make a cheerleading squad.

And it is in meeting these wonderful individuals that I decided to dedicate a small corner of my blog just for them!

The Cheer Corner is dedicated to the cheer coaches, cheerleaders, and potential cheerleaders.  My goal is to provide these spirit leaders with unique craft ideas, fundraising ideas, articles, and more geared just toward the sport of cheerleading.

I hope that you find the addition of this category fun and interesting.  Please feel free to email any contributions to me at kimberly.cantrell@gmail.com


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