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A Seasonal Mistress

Posted by Kimberly on October 21, 2007

University of Tennessee VolunteersI knew it when I met him.  The orange cap, the orange t-shirts, the license plate on his truck; they were all clues to the identity of his first true love.

Yet, somehow, I thought I could replace her.   I was so wrong!

I’m not the player that she is.  I just can’t hold his attention the way that she does.   She lures him with her seductive song of “Rocky Top” and the promise of a National Championship.   She beckons him with her orange and white, and he follows like a small child, eyes opened wide, roaming the aisles of a candy store.   From August to January, he belongs to her.   The remaining months, he is mine; but she is never far from his thoughts.

Who is she?  Tennessee football!  That’s right, my husband’s “mistress” is alive and well in Knoxville, Tennessee.

When my husband, Brian, and I first married, I thought I could change him; that our lives didn’t have to revolve around Tennessee football.   That was my first mistake.

I finally resolved myself to the fact that he needs this love affair, that he is lost and empty without it.  Sshould I try to separate him from her, he may be forced to make a choice; and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I would not be pleased with his decision.

So every year as the seasons began to change from Summer to Fall, I move into the shadows and wait.  Because I know that he will return.

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